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Introducing: Portland PD Officer John Laws
Badge #13996

(NOTE: This is NOT the same guy as Officer John Laws of the San Jose, Calif PD!)

One of the questions CCOPS has been trying to answer is "will street cops back a total and unconstitutional gun grab?".  Peter Mancus has been roundly attacked for suggesting that such a horrible conversation ever took place as the one he described.

Well it could.  No question.  Because if you think Peter's LEO buddy in Sebastopol was bad, you literally ain't seen nuthin'.

Welcome to the most well-documented police abuse story on the Internet.  It involves the strangest, most convoluted gun-grab anybody's ever heard of.  It was this incident I investigated when a friend was defrauded that opened my eyes to the extent of the problems in American law enforcement and got me started in my involvement in the RKBA movement.

It started out like all too many civil rights abuses today, with a fraudulent Domestic Violence Restraining Order (DVRO).  This one is dated 11/3/95.  Every single word in it was a lie; by the time I'm done here, that won't be an item for debate.  The man being restrained is Mr. Howard Bradley from his common-law wife of eight years, Rebecca Ann Beaton-Bradley.  (Note: Oregon is a "common law state", there was no practical difference between their situation and full-tilt marriage.)

Interspersed with wild claims about "motorcycle gangs" is an interesting bit of fraud, the first of many: that Howard's address is "unknown".  By claiming he wasn't a resident of his own home, she tried to stop him from taking any personal property with him upon being thrown out.  No, try again, here's a vehicle registration document that puts them at the same address:

The same cop that helped Becky get the RO, Officer John Laws, Portland PD "Family Services" Division, badge number 13996 served the RO and collected Howard's eight guns.  They did finally get checked in properly, after a three day delay which is as yet unexplained.  Here's the property intake report:

As you can see, this isn't a "maniac's" collection...not a single semi-auto, it's exactly what you'd expect of a part-time Alaskan hunting and fishing guide.

Officer Laws wrote up a special description of the RO serve and gun-grab, astonishing in it's elaborate claims and slander.  Note that Laws listed Howard as being thrown out of the same address Becky said he didn't live at in her restraining order - according to Howard, that's because a second officer objected to Howard's being booted without any personal property whatsoever.

My, my my...Howard is supposedly mixed up in Japanese cults and motorcycle gangs.

"Japanese Cult" is too weird for words.  As to "motorcycle gang", certainly not at the time any of this happened.  He didn't even own a bike.  I've seen documents from Alaska not long before this giving Howard reserve peace officer status (not uncommon for guides) not long before this, so it appears somebody checked into his background.  I've also seen his employment papers and paycheck stubs.  The only "evidence" for any such past Laws could have had was from Becky, and she was definately a liar, as you'll see.

And so was Laws.

Here's a novel method of gaining access to Howard's property: declare the poor bastard DEAD:

Houston, we have a problem, because I first met Howard in early '96 and he was very much alive circa mid-'97 when I saw him last.

According to Judge Merri Souther-Wyatt, this document above is a complete fraud, and she never ordered the guns released verbally or in writing to anybody nor did she ever see evidence Howard was dead.  She's the "MSW" initials on the original restraining order.

See, the whole point was to grab Howard's property.  The guns were only part of that, for a three-month period between early December of '95 and Feb '96, she told people connected to his insurance, real estate and even boat yard he was dead.  Most of 'em won't talk, but O'Casa Boat Sales (Portland, OR) was highly irate when they realized Becky had tried to grab his 35ft sailboat under false pretenses and without an actual death certificate.

O'Casa's proprietors told me in early '97 that Becky had somebody else call them to "confirm" Howard's room-temperature status: you guessed it, the ever-helpful Officer John Laws.

But back to the guns - here's the release form approved by Laws' Unit Commander boss:

And here's the form where Becky actually takes possession:

Now, at this point, you're thinking "Oh, but poor Becky thought he really was dead!", right?


Howard was in Oklahoma seeking medical help for what turned out to be large numbers of non-malignant colon polyps.  He was very ill when I knew him - from pics and his clothes size, it was clear he'd lost a lot of weight.  He saw a doctor Radha P. Narayanan of the Oklahoma Medical Clinic (405-280-5427) and Dr. Kim Gage, University of Ok. Medical Center during the times he was being declared dead in Portland by Becky and Laws.

Howard was staying with his mother in Oklahoma from the time of the restraining order until he moved in next to me in February of '96, where I met him.  His mother was in frequent contact with Becky giving her "medical updates"; they were grim enough at that time that Becky gambled he wouldn't survive, so she grabbed his assets right away via the false death fraud.

Here's phone bill records from Margaret Bradley in Oklahoma showing her calling Becky in Oregon during the "death fraud" period; non-relevant numbers have been blanked out:

Well, we're just about done.

Once Howard turned up alive, all hell broke loose.  What actually happened was, Howard came to California where he met me.  I was actually in the room with him when he made a couple of phone calls to Oregon and realized that everybody he knew up there thought he was dead.

So if you're a crook like Laws, who's flung BS all over town at the behest of a madwoman you'd gotten two mortgages from at favorable rates (oh, I didn't mention that bit yet, did I?) then you'd better do something to get Howard locked up and out of the way.

What do you do?  You write up a pile of false reports by Becky on him *violating* the original domestic violence restraining order.  No joke:

Real cute.  The same pair commits multiple counts of fraud, and then they accuse their victim together in court.

Count #1 is the important one.  The year was put down wrong, they meant to say that it happened on Feb 16th 1996 instead of '95, and it didn't happen in Multnomah County.  Becky flew into Oakland International Airport in California after demanding that Howard meet her there and turn over his car to her.  Howard, his mother and I all met her there inside the metal-detector secured area, I was there as a witness.  Understand, I've heard the original audiotape of the Judge's orders to the people getting ROs - they're allowed to ask for a public-place meeting to discuss business.

Well, the business at hand was that Howard told her he knew about being declared dead in Oregon, and that he'd see her in court.

Her answer was a hard right hook to HIS jaw.


There's no question that real domestic violence does exist.  But any woman actually afraid of him doesn't declare him dead, defraud him six ways from Sunday, steal his guns right out of the PD Properties Room under false pretenses with the aid of a crooked cop, and slug him one in public.

And for damnsure, if Officer Laws was an honest cop who actually got "taken" by Becky on the false death fraud, he wouldn't have helped her write up criminal charges against her victim after he was aware she'd pulled all that fraud.

When I first put all this up on the web in '97, I did finally manage to get the charges dropped against Howard.  But the fraud was never investigated, John Laws never recieved so much as a reprimand, and Becky never faced any legal consequences from any of this.

Now ask me why I think there's problems in law enforcement today.


Oh yes, one last detail: Becky Beaton-Bradley put a hit out on me.  I can't prove it, but it certainly seems possible.  That led to my trying to score a CCW permit in California, getting laughed at, and ultimately landed me in my current Federal lawsuit against my Sheriff in Contra Costa County, the area I fled to after being denied access to so much as the application forms in Alameda County.

It's been a long strange trip, lemme tell ya.

Jim March
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