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These items are posted because I am an advocate of the First Amendment for everyone.

You might like some or disagree with others. I don't always agree with one writer 100% of the time, but I read and make up my own mind.

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Why is there NO support for these 4 important bills which will die in Congress, December 31, 2014? (1) Get us out of the UN, (2) get us out of the destructive, unconstitutional NAFTA, (3) restore Glass-Stegal and (4) a bill to stop federal income tax on social security. Why doesn't AARP support that one?

Please get this out, use social media, contact radio talk show hosts - we've waited decades for these bills and no one seems to care. Click here for the bill numbers, committee members and numbers. Hound your U.S. House member to demand the bill get out of committee and brought to a vote.

Most recent columns: 07/21/2014 - Nullification: Get to your state legislators now, (Scroll down below 'smart' meter box for a list of other recent columns.

The time the United States blew up a passenger plane—and tried to cover it up - America’s Flight 17

"When I pointed out this discrepancy at the press conference where the report was handed out, Secretary of Defense Frank Carlucci waved me away and said, “It’s really questionable whether a different reading would have affected the judgment” to shoot down the plane. (I still find this astonishing.)"

Frank Carlucci was a major player with the evil doers for decades. Considered a protege of Donald Rumsfeld. Affiliated Project for the New American Century (PNAC). Remember them? "Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor." September 2000. One year later, 9/11."

A premiere example of determined Americans and what boots on the ground can accomplish when you want something bad enough:

NYC’s Investigation of Collapse of Building 7 a Step Closer as 67,000 Petition Signatures Submitted to NYC Clerk

"Representatives of the High-Rise Safety Initiative submitted over 67,000 petition signatures on July 3rd to the New York City Clerk's office, the New York City Coalition for Accountability Now (NYC CAN) announced. This is 37,000 more than the 30,000 signatures needed for a charter amendment to be submitted to NYC voters at the November 4 election. If passed by the voters, the charter amendment contained in the petition would REQUIRE New York City's Department of Buildings to investigate the destruction of World Trade Center Building 7 — which collapsed into its own footprint at 5:20 PM on September 11, 2001 — as well as any other future high-rise collapses."

Secret 9/11 Documents: “Implausible” that the 9/11 Hijackers Acted Without Government Backing

"All of the Chairs of the 9/11 Commission and the Congressional Investigation Into 9/11 Say It’s “Implausible” that the 9/11 Hijackers Acted Without Government Backing. Congressman Thomas Massie read the 28 classified pages of the Joint Intelligence Committee Inquiry into 9/11 (the joint Senate and House investigation into 9/11) and immediately called for them to be released to the public: By way of background, the former Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, outside adviser to the CIA, and Co-Chair of the congressional investigation into 9/11 – Bob Graham – says:" Rest at link.

The criminal impostor squatting in the White House has been bragging he's going around Congress and will issue Executive Orders to give liars, cheats and thieves, illegal aliens, a free pass in many areas. Can an executive order be over turned by the courts? The answer is yes - although too rare:

"Only two Presidential executive orders have been overturned by the courts. The first involved a 1952 presidential order issued by President Truman, Executive Order 1034, placing the nation's steel mills under federal control in order to prevent labor strikes from affecting steel production and thus hurting the national economy.[1] The U.S. Supreme Court determined that the Truman Order was unconstitutional because it overstepped the boundary between executive and legislative powers, holding that President's power to issue the order must stem either from an act of Congress or from the Constitution.[2]."

In order to get one over turned, there has to be a court challenge. It is LONG past time to address the issue of EOs. The problem is both corrupt parties use EOs and PDs (Presidential Directives and scum like Bill Clinton issued that cannot be seen even by we the people) when it suits them, so why amend the U.S. Constitution when EOs are to the advantage of both mafia parties?

Legal Authority

"There is no Constitutional provision explicitly giving the president the power to issue executive orders. Article II, Section 1 ("The executive power shall be vested in a President of the United States of America.") and Article II, Section 3 ("he shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed) have been cited as a grant of this power. Even so, presidential executive orders have the legal force of law if made pursuant to an Act of Congress. The authority for such orders can be either inherent or implied. The power is inherent when the executive order is derived from the powers conferred upon the President as commander-in-chief or, in international situations, as head of state; the power is implied when the order represents a reasonable interpretation of the powers expressly granted to the President under the Constitution."

"The second executive order overturned by a court was issued by President Clinton. Executive Order 12954 prevented the federal government from entering into contracts with organizations that hire replacements for striking employees.[3] The court determined that the Order was regulatory in nature and preempted by the National Labor Relations Act, which guarantees employers the right to hire permanent replacements.[4]"

William J. Olson is a very fine constitutional attorney. On his web site is a section devoted to EOs. You might wish to book mark and read when you have time. I learned much from it, i.e., Executive Orders and National Emergencies: How Presidents Have Come to "Run the Country" by Usurping Legislative Power.

Do take the time to watch this very important short video and get it out to as many as possible: ‘ASYMMETRICAL WAR’: If This Retired Border Patrol Officer Is Half Right, We’re Screwed (Too bad there's no constitutional militia in our states.)

La Raza CEO: 'USA! USA!' Chants 'Made Me Angry'

"La Raza President and CEO Janet Murguia said it sickened her to hear Americans against illegal immigration chanting "USA! USA!" at protests around the country. Singling out the Murrieta demonstrators during her keynote address at La Raza's annual conference in Los Angeles on Monday, Murguia accused them of having "cloaked their hatred in patriotism" by shouting "'USA! USA!' again and again."

"It made me angry," she said. "In fact, I was outraged."

"Murguia demanded that the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants who are currently here receive amnesty and said the road to the White House for Republicans goes through the Latino community and La Raza. She also said Republicans who want to rescind the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program or do not want to pass comprehensive amnesty legislation will not get Hispanic votes. And she repeatedly claimed that protesting illegal immigration was "un-American."

Flashback: Illegals aren't going to take it anymore?

"Make no mistake about it, too many of those so-called DREAMERS are militant racists just biding their time: Dreamer' Immigration Activist Tweeted About Killing, Eating 'White Invaders'. This is the quality of character we're supposed to give a free pass to? 'Dreamer' Website Teaches Illegal Immigrants 'How To Lie Successfully'. One of the biggest, most vocal cheerleaders supporting those who have no right to be on U.S. would be the detestable, Harry Reid. But, wait! Dirty Harry changed his tune for future voters in the Democratic/Communist Party USA:

"On April 5, 2006, Drudge had an interesting flashback from 1993: Dem. Senate Leader Harry Reid: 'Our Federal Wallet Stretched To Limit By Illegal Aliens Getting Welfare' 'Even worse, Americans have seen heinous crimes committed by individuals who are here illegally' - Senator Reid said that the U.S. open door policy is being abused at the expense of honest, working citizens.

"August 5, 1993, The Office of Sen. Harry Reid issued the following: "In response to increased terrorism and abuse of social programs by aliens, Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.) Today introduced the first and only comprehensive immigration reform bill in Congress. Currently, an alien living illegally in the United States often pays no taxes but receives unemployment, welfare, free medical care and other federal benefits. Recent terrorist acts, including the World Trade Center bombing, have underscored the need to keep violent criminals out of the country.

"Our borders have overflowed with illegal immigrants placing tremendous burdens on our criminal justice system, schools and social programs," Reid said. "The Immigration and Naturalization Service needs the ability to step up enforcement. Our federal wallet is stretched to the limit by illegal aliens getting welfare, food stamps, medical care and other benefits often without paying any taxes. Safeguards like welfare and free medical care are in place to boost Americans in need of short-term assistance. These programs were not meant to entice freeloaders and scam artists from around the world. "Even worse, Americans have seen heinous crimes committed by individuals who are here illegally," Reid said." Liar of the first order - for votes.

What Emergency? CBO Says Just $25 Million of Obama’s $3.7 Billion Border Bill Would Be Spent This Summer

Texas Lt. Gov: 80-85% of Illegals Aren’t Unaccompanied Kids

Jeff Sessions Challenges Dems: Prove There's a Shortage of American High-Tech Workers

Jeb Bush: Illegal immigration is an ‘act of love’ — it’s ‘not a felony’ - April 7, 2014

Act surprised - Flip flop: Jeb Bush: US Must Send Border Children Back Home - July 24, 2014

Jobs Americans Don't Want: Gov. Perry, ‘Illegals in TX Behind 3,000 Homicides & 8,000 Rapes’

Be very afraid, especially for your kids - Exclusive: Mychal Massie warns of diseases from infected illegals flooding across borders

Murrieta Mutiny: Border Patrol “Will Not Obey Unlawful Orders” From Homeland Security And White House

What Mexico Is About To Do Could Utterly Destroy The US Economy

The Rot Within, Part I: Our Ponzi Economy - Dependent on inflating bubbles to evince "economic strength"

Billionaire Warns: Yellen Collapse 'Will Be Unlike Any Other'

Richard Russell - War, $10,000 Gold & Worldwide Collapse

"At nearly 90 years old, the Godfather of newsletter writers, Richard Russell, warned that the United States has now sold its entire gold hoard as well as gold stored for other countries. The 60-year market veteran also discussed war, $10,000 gold, worldwide collapse, and included some fascinating charts."

Got gold? How much is your 401(k) paper worth? Jefferson was right: Paper money is poverty.

Rape claim against Clinton gaining attention ... again!

Gus Hall was a leader and Chairman of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) in America for decades. He ran for president four times under that party which is now the Democratic/Communist Party USA. Oh, sure, the CPUSA and Democrat Party list themselves as two separate parties, but in fact, they are one. Comrade Hall wrote a short book titled, Ecology: can we survive under capitalism? Victims of mind wash, comrades here in the US are still at it: 130 Enviro Groups Call For End To Capitalism

The Stealing of America by the Cops, the Courts, the Corporations and Congress by John Whitehead

Wal-Mart Preparing For A Major Earthquake On The New Madrid Fault?

Ex-Gay Educators Caucus Report from the 2014 NEA Annual Conference

Barbarians: Iraq: 'Islamic State' Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Orders Female Genital Mutilation of Two Million Girls

Here Are Five Companies That Aren’t Afraid To Stand Up For Their Faith

How to escape the medical care debt trap

Priorities: As World Tensions Escalate, Schumer Pushes For Pet Meds Legislation

If you're job hunting or know someone who needs work:

Huge listings

Search 3 million Jobs on Indeed

Help give a Home for Life to special-needs animals. Wonderful organization. I make a small monthly donation. Those little donations add up.

"Home For Life®, on the Apple River near Star Prairie, Wisconsin, is a different kind of animal shelter -- a place where animals that are considered unadoptable can live out their days in safety and comfort."

We can destroy their plans and create a job boom simply by buying Made in America. Keep buying Made in USA. Ask where you shop. Let them know you will order on line, but we support American workers first. We CAN create a huge job boom by making just one Made in America product each time we shop. That means fruits and vegetables, too.

Please don't over look the items below as they are also excellent learning articles.

* * * *

Americans were handed a shock in August 2008 when the banking crisis unfolded - an issue untold numbers of us warned about for decades. It is wonderful to see so many organizations, tea party chapters and 9-12 groups not only becoming activists when that catastrophe hit, but also with a burning desire to know what are the real constitutional solutions to issues and what can I do?

There's no way to present complicated matters in a 500 word essay. I spent years doing nothing but research. It requires Americans sacrifice their time just like millions of us have so that we fully understand the issue, not the obfuscation and out right lies from the media and professional politicians for longer than I've been alive and the endless puppets in the White House.

Remember what Bill Clinton said speaking in Ireland in response to a question as to what would he do if removed from office through impeachment (1998): ".....You know, by the time you become the leader of a country, someone else makes all the decisions." One of the only times the truth ever came out of his mouth.

All that we see right now is the final pieces of the agenda for world government being put into place by the U.S. Congress. Selling American jobs and our sovereignty for power and $$. We the people have the solutions, now we need to get as many Americans as possible working towards the same solutions. We need to prioritize life or death over smaller things that can wait.

I gave up my career and more than a million dollars in earnings over the past 23 years because once I got just a whiff of what a "new world order" was going to be, it scared me. My journey began with learning about the disabilities of our monetary system and the privately owned "Federal" Reserve Banking System - the truly evil head of the beast siphoning off the life blood of this country for over 100 years. While I could recommend a hundred books from my library on just that subject alone, I've tried to select the best learning tools, video or print.

The Purse and Sword is as outstanding of any presentation I have ever seen on two top critical issues. Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr. uses his "Visual Constitution" to address two of the most pressing issues in our nation:

"The Purse: America's Economic Crisis...what can and should the government do? Few Americans understand our economic system and its complexities. Hear Dr. Vieira explain, in easy to understand language, the lawful Constitutional powers the government possesses for dealing with money and the economy. Hear the common sense application of those powers, the abuses and unlawful expansions of those powers, as well as the only logical way through which we can return sanity to our economic policies.

"The Sword: Homeland the Militia provides our only true security. Today an unending series of "crisis" are being used to rationalize the continual loss of liberty and expansion of government in size and scope. After years of research, Dr. Vieira presents the lawful and Constitutional remedies for threats to our Homeland Security. Hear how "the Militia of the several States" are the ultimate security against all threats - both foreign and domestic. Learn what you can do to help with Homeland Security in your community and State!"

That 4 DVD set is 8 hours long, but the knowledge one gets from it is priceless. I recommend watching it with as many people as possible in two hour sessions. But, time grows short; we've just got to get our fellow Americans and state legislators educated.

The 50 states of the Union had better wake the hell up because to not act will represent financial suicide for the states and all of us. If you can, please try to get an appt with your state rep or senator. Give him or her a copy of The Purse and Sword and ask for a commitment to watch it. Give your rep the reasons why which you will learn from the DVDs. Follow up with phone calls to their district office. Very important and keep at them until they act.

I cannot stress strongly enough just how far gone things are and how highly dangerous is the time in which you and I live. If we are to return to 'of the people, by the people and for the people', we the people must return to self governance and tell our elected public servants what they must do, not what special interests pay them to do. Sadly, so many don't even understand the problem.

Sincere, Well Meaning Conservatives Are Killing Us

The Purse and Sword

NO other book like it on the Second Amendment: The Sword and Sovereignty by Dr. Edwin Vieira. I found it by accident on line. It never occurred to me someone, in this case a web site called would be so brazen as to pirate his copyrighted work and put it on the Internet.

Edwin has notified them to remove it immediately (2.24.2014). I would also ask if you downloaded Edwin's book that you delete it because it was obtained without his permission for anyone to download. It took Edwin years to write that book. He deserves to be compensated for his work, not have it pirated. I have replaced the link with one to Amazon where you can legally purchase his book.

Please go to this web site and scroll down to 'Money' for a plethora of items on our dead monetary system. The unconstitutional "Federal" Reserve is the candy store for the bandits in the U.S. Congress to continue stealing us blind. Without knowledge about fiat (paper) currency and the central bank, Americans will continue chasing Band Aids.

Memorandum of Law: The Money Issue

A Primer On Money - Excellent

Voters Educate the Elected - Too many state legislators are ignorant about the most critical issues that directly affect you and your state government.

The Memorandum was written by my dear friend and constitutional attorney, the late Tommy Cryer. The non ratified Sixteenth Amendment was shoved down our throats in 1913, the same year as the unconstitutional "FED" to provide the money pipeline to the banking cartel.

I will tell you this: Once you read that document you will understand that the federal personal income tax does not apply to domestic Americans. Period. It is a bitter pill to swallow, but it is the factual truth. U.S. Attorneys know it and so do a lot of judges.

What is Operation Innocence Revealed?

Not a penny of your "federal" income tax funds a single function of the General Government

The right argument on taxation: Tax Cuts, Fair Tax Schemes Keep People Herded in the Wrong Direction

A New 9/11 Revelation - Cover Up Continues

9/11 - Build those Models

The Road Not Taken

Why I Don't Support "Conservative" Organizations


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